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Top 5 Upgrades You Need For Toyota Hilux Mark 8 2015+

The Toyota Hilux MARK 8 2015+ (GUN125) is designed to be tough and durable, making it a popular and reputable choice of pickup truck for commercial use, although this vehicle is very versatile and transfers happily as a canvas for overlanders to build their dream travel truck. Its robust construction and engineering contribute to its reliability and longevity. Here are 5 key upgrades to top up your Toyota Hilux;

1.    Suspension: The Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro Shocks upgrade enhances the vehicle’s suspension system. These shocks are designed to withstand heavy-duty use and provide improved damping control. The upgraded suspension helps to absorb impacts and reduce body roll, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride even in challenging off-road conditions. A frequently asked question: Do I need to upgrade springs too? The simple answer is no – you can just upgrade your shocks, but if you want to improve clearance, then the answer is yes.  

2.    Tuning: The UniChip X 5 Map ECU Tuning Kit is an upgrade that optimizes the engine’s performance. This tuning kit allows for customised engine mapping, which can result in improved power, torque, and fuel efficiency. By fine-tuning the engine’s parameters, it enhances the Hilux’s overall performance and responsiveness.

3.    Storage: The Acayx Slim Line Roof storage system provides additional storage space for the Hilux. It is designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight while offering ample room for carrying equipment, luggage, or other items. This upgrade enhances the vehicle’s versatility and practicality, allowing users to easily transport their belongings.

4.    Wheels: The Winrace S Braids (anthracite as standard) are aftermarket wheels that not only enhance the visual appeal of the Hilux but also offer improved off-road performance. These wheels are designed to be durable and can withstand rugged terrain. They provide better traction and stability, allowing the vehicle to navigate challenging off-road conditions with confidence.

5.    Protection: The Ironman 4×4 Front Commercial Deluxe Winch Bar is a front bumper upgrade that adds extra protection to the Hilux. It is built with heavy-duty materials and features a robust design to protect the vehicle’s front end from impacts and obstacles. This winch bar also provides mounting points for additional accessories such as spotlights and recovery equipment. (Uprated Springs needed for this upgrade).

By incorporating these top 5, tough upgrades, the Toyota Hilux MARK 8 2015+ can be further improved in terms of suspension, engine performance, storage capacity, off-road capability, and overall protection. These enhancements allow the Hilux to tackle demanding terrains and work environments while maintaining its reputation for durability and reliability. It is often more cost-effective to upgrade and repair the Hilux rather than replacing it entirely, as the base vehicle is already designed to withstand challenging conditions and can be enhanced to meet specific requirements.

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