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Our Adventures.

Green Lane Sanctuary

We went to Yorkshire for the weekend. 3 families including ours to a little place, quaint and basic.

Green lanes typically refer to unsurfaced or minimally surfaced roads or tracks that are often used for off-road driving, our options in the UK are limited when we talk about off-roading, so to the green lanes we go to overland and test our 4×4’s capability. Finding a budget friendly base to enjoy the green lanes in our national parks is something to be celebrated. We’ve found a hidden gem that can be enjoyed by many, and we think if you’re doing a coast-to-coast trip, this venue is perfect for a two night overnight stop, where you can enjoy a little rest and recuperation.

Scar House Bunk House is a remote and basic accommodation located in the Nidderdale area of Yorkshire, UK. Take a closer look at howsteangorge.co.uk.

It’s situated near Scar House Reservoir and is basic with one toilet, one shower, a simple kitchen and beds for 14 people, and space outside for tents. The area around Scar House Reservoir is known for its scenic beauty, making it a great spot for nature lovers and photographers. Dead Man’s Hill and In Moor Lane (both green lanes) sit either side of the accommodation, making this spot a remote location nestled between adventure.

We stumbled upon this as a place to stay on a recent trip through from Yorkshire to the Lakes, the BBQ, space and simplicity make for an easy 5* review from us. 

Mega Weekend at the Festival of Speed.

The Good Wood Festival of Speed is an extraordinary celebration of automotive excellence that captivates enthusiasts and casual visitors alike with its exhilarating blend of speed, craftsmanship, and history. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Goodwood House, this unparalleled event brings together a mesmerizing array of iconic vehicles from past and present, from roaring supercars to vintage classics, all showcasing their unparalleled power and beauty. With breathtaking displays of racing prowess, daring stunts, and thrilling exhibitions, combined with the opportunity to witness legendary drivers in action, the Festival of Speed is an unmissable experience that ignites a passion for automotive innovation and leaves an indelible impression on all who attend.

Paul Lundstrom, the co-driver to Rob Butler of Off-Road Armoury/Dirt Nationals, possesses a deep-seated passion for the 4×4 arena, where he thrives in the exhilarating world of off-road racing. While Paul immerses himself in the excitement of the off-road scene, his family finds enjoyment in a different aspect of the event—the Action Sports Arena and the Family Activities found on each stand. This year, they were particularly delighted by Porsche’s offering of Lego as an engaging activity, allowing them to indulge in creative building and play while being surrounded by the electrifying atmosphere of the festival. This harmonious combination of individual interests and family enjoyment creates a well-rounded experience for all, making the event memorable for Paul and his loved ones alike.  

The Goodwood Festival of Speed offers a wonderful camping experience for families, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the festival atmosphere. Families can set up their tents or bring their caravans to the designated camping areas, which provide a sense of community and camaraderie among fellow attendees. In the evenings, as the sun sets over the Goodwood Estate, spectacular fireworks display light up the night sky, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle that adds an extra touch of magic to the event. The dazzling array of colours and patterns cascading above the festival grounds creates a sense of wonder and excitement for both children and adults alike. It’s a perfect way to end each day of the festival, fostering a shared experience and cherished memories for families to treasure long after the event concludes.  

The Goodwood Festival of Speed typically spans four days, from Thursday to Sunday, offering an extended and immersive experience for attendees. However, this year, unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled due to weather warnings. Safety is of paramount importance, and the organisers made the difficult decision to prioritise the well-being of participants and visitors. While the cancellation was undoubtedly disappointing, it is a testament to the responsible and cautious approach taken to ensure everyone’s welfare. Despite the setback, enthusiasts can eagerly look forward to future editions of the festival, where they can once again revel in the exhilarating displays of speed, marvel at automotive marvels, and partake in the vibrant atmosphere that makes the Goodwood Festival of Speed such a remarkable event. See you there next year! 

Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard

11 – 14 July 2024

When are tickets available?

Tickets for the Festival of Speed will be available at 0900hrs on Monday 6 November 2023. Stay tuned for further updates and reminders. Join their Mailing List and Ours! 

Classic Cruise 2023

Once upon a time, in the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland, a group of adventurous souls embarked on an extraordinary journey known as the Classic Cruise. United by their passion for overlanding and the love for Toyota’s, these like-minded individuals set out to explore the majestic estates of the Cairngorms in Scotland in a nostalgic and thrilling way – Overland!

The Classic Cruise is an annual event that brings together Toyota enthusiasts from around the United Kingdom. This year, the organiser had meticulously designed a route that would take the participants through the most picturesque estates Scotland’s Cairngorm area had to offer. It was a perfect blend of natural beauty, historic landmarks, and the joy of driving Toyota 4×4’s.

As the participants gathered at the starting point, Cairngorm Camping and Glamping, a sense of excitement filled the air. The engines of their 4×4’s roared to life on the saturday morning and they drove from 0900 till 1500! The winding roads led them through rolling hills, lush green valleys, and charming villages, creating a picturesque backdrop for their adventure. Sunday brought new surprises and discoveries including a river crossing.

The participants explored grand estates, driving their Toyota’s through sprawling landscapes adorned with ancient castles and magnificent gardens and vast deserts of heather. They indulged in a hog roast, singing and dancing with live music at the Cairngorm Camping and Glamping site and enjoyed a wee dram of whisky to warm their spirits (Gus also brought an Irish delicacy for all to taste). The evenings were filled with laughter and camaraderie as they shared stories of their automotive treasures and memorable experiences.

One particular day, the convoy arrived at a secluded estate nestled amidst towering mountains and serene lochs. The estate, known for its rich history and breathtaking vistas, offered the perfect setting for a day of exploration. Led by Ali Loder, the event’s organiser the participants set off on off-road trails, navigating their 4×4’s through rugged terrain, testing both their driving skills and the endurance of their well prepared vehicles.

As they conquered challenging obstacles and relished the thrill of adventure, a sense of unity and admiration grew among the participants. Strangers became friends, bound by their shared passion for Toyota 4×4’s and the desire to experience Scotland’s beauty in a unique way. As we all know and respect, it is illegal to drive ‘overland’ without land owners permissions.

And so, the Classic Cruise of 2023 has become a cherished chapter in the lives of those passionate individuals who had ventured across Scotland’s estates, leaving behind tire tracks and memories that would be passed down through generations, inspiring new adventures and celebrating the beauty of Toyota and like-minded friendships.

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