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FIT MY 4x4

Suspension Lift Kits

Lift kits provide exceptional ride quality, stability, and handling both on and off-road. Choose from our premium shock range; Foam Cell Pro, Foam Cell and Nitro Gas. Then quantify your vehicle’s weight to choose your spring rating. Your choice of shock and spring will create the lift kit! Each 4WD suspension lift kit comes with the necessary components to lift your truck with ease. 

What’s more, when you choose Ironman off-road suspension lift kits, you can trust that the parts you’re buying meet the highest road-tested standards. You’ll get long-lasting durability and premium shock absorption for the smoothest ride you’ve ever had.

All Ironman off-road lift kits are backed by our 3-year warranty and are guaranteed to keep you on your outdoor adventure!

We’d recommend a suspension lift/upgrade as opposed to alternatives (body lift or spring spacers and shackle lifts) due to premature component failure and poor geometry underside. The compromise just isn’t worth it. If you’re just starting out with your research, our number one top tip is to consider suspension with tyres first and underbody protection as a bare minimum. But the question should this be your first upgrade, the answer is yes, paired with a wheel and tyre choice and in retrospect of the weight you are going to carry. 



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