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How To Plan An Overland Trip

TrailWise2 is an excellent tool for assisting in planning overland journeys, the login details are part of a membership with GLASS, (the Greenlane Association). It provides valuable information and features to enhance your off-road adventures, including current access to Byways Open TAll Traffic (BOATS).

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use TrailWise2 and why West Coast Off Road Centre is the place to call, when you are ready for your upgrades and modifications.

Familiarise Yourself with TrailWise2:

  1. TrailWise2 is a digital mapping and trip planning software designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts. It offers detailed trail information, maps, and other essential features.
  2. Visit the official TrailWise2 website or download the app on your preferred device to get started.
  3. Explore Trail Information:
    • Use TrailWise2 to access a vast database of trails across the country, including Salisbury Plain and the desired Green Lanes in Wales, Strata Florida and Bastard Lane. It provides information on difficulty levels, trail conditions, and points of interest along the way.
    • Filter trails based on your preferences, such as scenic routes, technical challenges, or specific regions.
  4. Plan Your Journey:
    • Once you have chosen a trail, use TrailWise2 to plan your journey. It allows you to mark waypoints, create routes, and estimate travel times.
    • Take advantage of the app’s route elevation profiles and satellite imagery to assess the terrain you’ll encounter.
  5. Prepare for Modifications:
    • When you feel the need to modify your 4×4, Rhys sales@westcoastofforad.co.uk would recommend you start with tyres. Send him a message and tell him what you’re planning – he might suggest a nice pub on the route you’ve planned too!
    • West Coast Off Road Centre offers a wide range of services, including suspension upgrades, wheel and tire upgrades, and camping accessories.
    • Ironman4x4 camping accessories provide high-quality gear to enhance your overland journey and experience, such as roof racks, recovery equipment, and lighting solutions.
    • Terrain Tamer service items are known for their reliability and durability, offering replacement parts and accessories specifically designed for off-road vehicles. All services receive Terrain Tamer Filters, and we can go through your 4×4 for you before any trip, if you feel you need a professional with a keen eye. 
  6. Installation and Service:
    • Once you’ve selected the modifications, the experts at West Coast Off Road Centre can perform the installation.
    • They will ensure that the upgrades are properly installed and integrated into your 4×4 vehicle, maintaining its safety and functionality.
    • Additionally, West Coast Off Road Centre can provide ongoing service and maintenance to keep your vehicle in optimal condition.

Remember, TrailWise2 and West Coast Off Road Centre, with Ironman4x4 vehicle and camping accessories and Terrain Tamer service items, are valuable resources for planning and enhancing your overland journeys.

Enjoy exploring the UK and beyond with your personalised modified 4×4 vehicle!

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