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Saber 12,000KG SaberPro Long Soft Anchor Point

£41.08 + VAT

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Welcome to our Soft Anchor Points (SAP). This 11mm Black Extra Long SAP is our longest and strongest in our range. We know there are times during a vehicle recovery that you can not access traditional recovery points, this is where the SAP is ideal. This is a soft, flexible recovery point you can attach anywhere on the vehicle. This rope loop is manufactured from our proprietary fiber, SaberPro, a stronger and more durable fiber developed for exactly these needs.

The SAP is designed to be used as a straight pull, a basket or as a choker. Our soft shackles fit easily on the SAP’s when they are in position.

Key Features

  • 12,000KG breaking strength
  • Extra Long 11mm x 1200mm Loop Length
  • Constructed from our exclusive SaberPro™ fibre
  • Can be used as a straight line pull, basket or choker hitch



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Pack Size: 40 x 9,5 x 5 cm

Rope Length:

Rope Diameter: 

Loop Length: 1200mm

Minimum Breaking Strength: 12000kg


Total Diameter:

Working Load Limit:

Rope Material:

1 Year
Weight 0.25 kg
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