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Black Powder Coat Touch Up Paint – by FrontRunner

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Make the powder coating on FrontRunner Roof Rack Accessories and accessories look like new. Specially formulated to perfectly match our powder coating color and texture, this easy-to-apply spray goes on smoothly, quickly, and seamlessly to ”erase” nicks and scuffs. Memories of past adventures are sometimes better kept in your head and not on your powder coating. Satin black, specially formulated to match the color and texture of FrontRunner powder coating. Easy spray-on application. Simple step-by-step instructions. Fast drying to quickly get you back on the road. Compact container so you can take it anywhere.

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Specification: Consists of:1 x 150ml Spray canMaterials used:Black Powder Coat Touch Up Paint with propellantProduct Dimensions:140mm (5.5”) H x 52mm (2.1”) DiameterWeight:200g (7.1oz)

Fitting Instructions: https://content.FrontRunneroutfitters.com/collateral/doc/O_RRAC122_Final-SA-FrontRunner-FrontRunnerblacktouchuppaint-final-ZA.pdf, https://content.FrontRunneroutfitters.com/collateral/doc/O_RRAC122_Final-EUR-FrontRunner-FrontRunnerblacktouchuppaint-final-EU.pdf, https://content.FrontRunneroutfitters.com/collateral/doc/O_RRAC122_Final-AUS-FrontRunner-FrontRunnerblacktouchuppaint-final-Aus.pdf, ,

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 53 × 53 × 140 cm
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