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FIT MY 4x4

7″ COMBO LED Blast Phase II

£127.70 + VAT

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The Ironman 4×4 Blast Phase II Combo LED Driving Lights are 7-inch Lights that pack some serious punch. These 80W Lights (160w per pair) are a ‘combo’ or ‘Driving Light’ pattern, which means that they offer the benefits of both the long-distance you would expect from a Spot or ‘pencil’ beam pattern combined with the breadth you expect from a Flood of ‘spread’ beam pattern. The outcome is a significant 1 lux @ 543m per Light. All this is packed into an unimposing Light that fits almost any bull bar! Driving Lights are about more than just sheer technical numbers. The optics of Driving Lights is where the real magic happens. There are some very powerful Lights out there, with harsh white Light and sharp edges, which makes night Driving tiring and quickly becomes more of a hindrance than an advantage. The Ironman 4×4 Blast Phase II Driving Light features a 6000-kelvin colour, which is cool enough to give optimal Light yet warm enough to be easy on the eyes for long periods. Additionally, the optical design of the reflectors provides soft edges; soft edges in the pattern ensure that while the car moves down the road riding the dips and bumps, the Light Output doesn’t bounce around like a sharp-edged stage Light, which is very difficult to drive with. The soft gradual bleed-off into the shrub aids the driver with visibility. Manufactured using die-cast aluminium housing, the Blast Phase II features a proven heat-sink that pulls heat away from the Light for maximum lifespan. The Blast Phase II also features class-leading and German engineered OSRAM LEDs, which offer a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Ironman 4×4 Driving Lights are installed to turn on and off with your high beams, while they can be independently ys or 5.7 years non-stop!)switched off if you only want to use your 4×4’s standard high beams at any time. 48W High Lux Output, 4320 Raw Lumens, 6000K Colour Temperature, 16 x 3W High Output LED Chips, Operating Voltage 10-30V DC, IP67 Waterproof Rated, Shockproof Polycarbonate Lens, Diecast Aluminium Bracket, Diecast AlloyHousing, Waterproof Deutsch Plug.

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