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Petromax 1L Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid

£42.95 + VAT

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With the Petromax Saucepan you hold the handle in hand and keep the aroma in the pot. The Saucepan with plane bottom surface is a cast-iron pot with matching lid and handle that eases use over an open fire or on the stove. This pot doubles the flavour. Dishes prepared in cast-iron pots develop a characteristic flavour, as the inherent taste of the ingredients is retained while the lid adds extra flavour to the aroma profile.

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The inside of the dome-shaped lid has a dotted surface structure. Thanks to these aroma dots, the flavour of your prepared dishes intensifies automatically. Rising steam condenses on the inside of the lid and is released back into the pot evenly, thanks to the aroma moulding. This preserves all the flavours created during the cooking process.

2 Years
Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 11.4 × 35.1 × 18.6 cm
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