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FIT MY 4x4

3 Piece Shovel (Incl. Carry Bag)

£129.50 + VAT

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The Combo Shovel takes away the hassle of trying to Carry a long handled shovel inside or outside your 4WD. An easy to use three piece shovel. Simply un-screw the long handle at the threaded joint and store it conveniently away. By attaching the supplied ‘D’ handle it now becomes a useful spade. Designed in Australia, the high quality Combo Shovel is built strong for hard work and consists of a heat treated Steelblade, multi-core, Steelreinforced PVC handle, heavy duty “D” handle and 304 Stainless Steeljoining sleeves. It has become very popular with four wheel drivers who at times may require either a long handled shovel or a short spade but don’t want to Carry two seperate items, and is easy to Carry in any vehicle – even soft roaders. Included with the Combo Shovel is a Storage Bag to protect the inside of your vehicle from dirt and sharp edges.

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