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Your 100 Series Needs This Upgrade.

Remapping a Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series with a Unichip can significantly enhance the driving experience in several ways. The Unichip is an aftermarket performance chip that connects to the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) and allows for fine-tuning of various engine parameters.

Here’s how remapping with a Unichip can improve your driving experience:

Increased Engine Power: By adjusting the fuel and ignition timing, a Unichip can optimize the engine’s performance, resulting in increased power output. This means your Land Cruiser will have more torque and horsepower, providing improved acceleration and better overtaking ability. 

Enhanced Throttle Response: The Unichip can improve throttle response by reducing any delay or “lag” between pressing the accelerator pedal and the engine’s actual response. This makes the vehicle feel more responsive and agile, particularly in situations where quick acceleration is needed.

Improved Fuel Efficiency: Through careful calibration, the Unichip can optimize the fuel delivery and combustion processes, leading to improved fuel efficiency. This means you can potentially achieve better mileage and save money on fuel costs, especially during long drives or off-road adventures.

Better Towing Performance: If you often tow heavy loads or trailers, the Unichip can optimize the engine’s power delivery specifically for towing applications. This ensures that your Land Cruiser maintains sufficient power and torque while towing, making it easier to handle heavy loads and improving overall towing performance.

  1. Customizable Performance Profiles: A Unichip often comes with various performance profiles or maps that can be selected based on your driving preferences or specific requirements. For example, you might have a map optimized for off-road performance or one focused on maximizing fuel efficiency. These profiles can be easily switched or customized according to your needs.

Email sales@westcoastoffroad.co.uk for a quote for your vehicle. Let us know what you use the vehicle for and what you’re planning to do in the future with it. From £695+VAT (Plug and Play)

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