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What’s Special About The Ironman 4×4 Shock Absorbers

  1. Gas Shock Absorbers:
    • Working Principle: Gas shock absorbers, also known as gas-charged shock absorbers, contain nitrogen gas under pressure. The gas helps reduce foaming of the shock oil, which can occur under heavy use, maintaining consistent damping performance.
    • Performance: Gas shocks generally provide improved performance compared to standard hydraulic shocks. They offer better heat dissipation and reduced fade during extended off-road use.
    • Ride Comfort: Gas shocks can provide a smoother and more controlled ride on and off-road, making them a suitable choice for a wide range of applications.
  2. Foam Cell Shock Absorbers:
    • Working Principle: Foam cell shock absorbers use a foam insert or cell to separate the shock oil from the nitrogen gas. This foam cell helps minimize aeration of the oil, reducing heat buildup and maintaining consistent damping performance, especially in demanding conditions.
    • Performance: Foam cell shocks are designed to provide better performance and durability than standard hydraulic shocks. They are less prone to overheating and fading, making them suitable for off-road enthusiasts who push their vehicles to the limit.
    • Durability: Foam cell shocks are known for their durability and resistance to oil aeration, which can extend their lifespan in rugged off-road environments.
  3. Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorbers:
    • Working Principle: Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers typically feature an expanded body size and an increased volume of foam compared to standard foam cell shocks. This design aims to further enhance heat dissipation and damping performance.
    • Performance: Foam Cell Pro shocks are engineered for high-performance off-road applications, offering even greater heat resistance, reduced fade, and improved damping capabilities compared to regular foam cell shocks.
    • Application: Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers are often chosen by serious off-roaders, including those who engage in activities like rock crawling, desert racing, and heavy-duty off-roading, where extreme performance and durability are essential.

Remember that the specific features and benefits of Ironman 4×4 shock absorbers may vary depending on the exact model and series. You can imagine, as you progress through the options the price varies. It’s crucial to consult the manufacturer’s current product documentation or speak with us at West Coast Off Road Centre for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their shock absorber offerings. The Foam Cell Pro shock absorber is the only TRUE overlanding shock on the market, fully rebuildable and made for the outback, if you’re planning any long distance overland journey, this is the shock you need. 

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