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West Coast’s International Adventures!

Over the past two weeks we have been preparing 4 Landcruiser Troop Carrriers for A South American production company. This involved adding Ironman wich bars fitted with Warm winches, Ironman snorkels, Ironman sidebars and rails,  extra heavy duty Ironman mining spec suspension kits alonside second batteries for each. The trucks were air freighted into Manchester and were delivered to Leeds where we collected and turned all four trucks in two weeks!

We would like to thank FAL systems for contracting us to provide and fit the vehicles, they are know safely back on their journey to South American fully prepared for any Outside Broadcast environment. We really enjoyed the opportunity to work on such rare vehicles, as its unlikely you will see a Landcruiser Troop Carrier of this spec in the UK.

Landcruiser Troop Carrier

Here is one of them outside the yard before it beignis it’s journey home.


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