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FIT MY 4x4

Medium – Foam Cell Pro 2″ Suspension Kit Toyota Hilux 3/2005 to 9/2011 Mark 6

£1,759.00 + VAT

SKU / Part Number:

Have a safe and awesome adventure without the worry of your suspension, backed by our solid 3-year warranty, get out and explore! To simplify the selection processes, Ironman 4×4 has created easy suspension kits.
which take into account the most common use cases, and provide a single part number to start the suspension upgrade journey. Our Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers feature a tough, military spec, big bore 3″ twin-tube shock, the largest, strongest shock on the market; they are nearly indestructible, carry no internal parts which can jam, require little to no service, and are rebuildable. The Foam cell pro shock is filled with premium grade FUCHS oil and our foam cell sleeve technology. The foam cell sleeve, impregnated with millions of tiny bubbles of nitrogen, maximizes oil and thermal carrying capacity and eliminates high internal pressures found on regular nitro gas-shock absorbers. All of these features combined, deliver an incredibly reliable, fit for purpose shock absorber that has stood the test of time in the Australian outback and military theaters around the world.

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Front Strut Shock Absorbers, Coil Springs, Shock Absorbers, Leaf Springs, U-Bolts, Polyurethane Bushes, Greasable Shackles, Non Greasable Pins and Offset Sway bar Bracket

Estimated Lift: 40-45mm

Additional Load: 0 – 50kg Front, 0 – 200kg Rear

Make: Toyota
Model: Hilux
Series: 3/2005 to 9/2011 Mark 6
3 Years
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