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Land Rover Defender (1983-2016) Gullwing Wing Window Panel / Glass – by FrontRunner

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The Land Rover Defender Gullwing Glass Panel is a replacement for your FrontRunner Gullwing Window. It features 6mm tinted and toughened glass for visibility and durability. This Glass Gullwing Window Panel is sold as a separate component in order to replace a damaged window panel. The 6mm tinted and toughened glass panel blends in well to the Land Rover Defender’s exterior style and allows you to peer into your load bed area for ease of access to your goods.Note: The glass and aluminium panels for the Land Rover Defender are not interchangeable.

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Specification: Consists of:1 x Glass PanelMaterials used:Tinted and Toughened 6mm glassProduct dimensions:1044mm (41.1) L x 414mm (16.3) W x 6mm (0.2)HWeight:6.07kg (13.4lbs)Glass specifications:Visible Light:Transmission: 44Reflection Outside: 5Solar Energy:Total Elimination: 38Reflection Outside: 5Absorption 1: 47Direct Transmission: 47SHGC: 0.62Shading Coefficient:Ratio: 0.71U Value:(W/m2).K (Center of Glass): 5.8

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Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Series: 1983 -2016
Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 540 × 1180 × 100 cm
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