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FIT MY 4x4

Gas/Propane Bottle Holder – by FrontRunner

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Fuel your adventure with this easy-to-use gas/propane holder that attaches securely to any FrontRunner Rack Tray. Never be far from the comforts of your portable stove and other propane accessories again. The simple latching method allows you to quickly attach different sized bottles. Perfect for portable cooking stoves, geyser/water heaters, heaters and lamps. Rack brackets securely hold your gas/propane bottle on your rack. 2 latches feature a safety catch to prevent any movement and are lockable with a RRCA134 for added safety. The removable collar is placed over the cylinder valve collar and latched on the rack brackets. The collar rods are adjustable to suit various bottle heights. Max Cylinder Height: 320mm (12.6”)Max Cylinder Diameter: 280mm (11”)Max Top Collar Diameter: 175mm (6.9”)Max Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

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Specification: Consists of:1 x Pair of Rack Brackets1 x LPG Cylinder BracketInstallation HardwareFitting InstructionMaterials used:Black powder coated steelStainless steel safety latchesSpecial Notes:Cylinder dimension guidelines:Max Cylinder Height: 12.6” (320mm)Max Cylinder Diameter: 11” (280mm)Max Top Collar Diameter: 6.7” (170mm)Max Weight: 22lb (10kg)

Fitting Instructions: https://content.FrontRunneroutfitters.com/collateral/doc/F_GBHO012.pdf, , , ,

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 332 × 370 × 85 cm
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