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Saber 6061 Aluminium Spliced Winch Thimble – Cerakote Red & 9K Soft Shackle

£101.00 + VAT

SKU / Part Number:

nIf you’re upgrading from a link or a winch hook, the Spliced Winch Thimble (SWT) significantly reduces the metal in the recovery system and is expertly Ceramic Coated (from CERAKOTE USA) here in Australia. This kit comes with a 9K Sheath Soft Shackle

nnOur unique positive capture system locks the SWT back inside the fairlead to reduce overhang.

nnThe SWT requires some rope splicing knowledge, and we highly recommend a long bury or a locking splice.

nnThe working load limit (WLL) will be a factor of the rope and the splicing method used.

nKit includes a 9K Sheath Soft Shackle.

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Pack Size: 20 x 14 x 10cm

Rope Length:

Rope Diameter: 

Loop Length:

Minimum Breaking Strength:

Material: 6061 Aluminium

Total Diameter:

Working Load Limit:

Rope Material:

1 Year
Weight 0.35 kg
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